Technical Committee

Meet the phenomenal Industry Leaders behind the event

Technical Committee Chairman

Luay Alawami

Consultant, Consultant

Co-Chair, ISA - Saudi Arabia Eastern Region Event 2019. Luay Al-Awami is freelancer Engineering Consultant. He holds a B.S. and M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). Luay has more than 25 years of experience in process instrumentation especially control valves and pressure relief devices, mostly with Saudi Aramco central engineering organization. Luay has been an officer of ISA Saudi Arabia Section for the last 12 years and was the Section President from 1/1/2009 to 31/12/2014.

Technical Committee Co-Chairman

Dr. Ghulam Rasul

Instrument Plant Maintenance Chief, Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)
Works at ISA Saudi Arabia Section

Chairman, ISA - Saudi Arabia Eastern Region Event 2019. Ghulam Rasul is the Instrument Plant Maintenance Chief at SWCC Plant in Al-Jubail. Ghulam holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and has more than 38 years of experience in the field of instrument and control at various fertilizers, utilities, power, and desalination plants, spanning the fields of Process Measurement and Control, Automation, Project management, Safety systems, and Consultations services.

Abdullah AL-Nufaii

Networks Specialist, Saudi Aramco

Abdullah Al-Nufaii is an Engineering Specialist working with Process & Control Systems, Saudi Aramco. He has more than 25 years of experience with Saudi Aramco. He holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and MS degree in Telecommunications. He has two granted patents and he authored and co-authored technical papers locally and internationally. Abdullah is engaged heavily in automation and digital transformation technologies.

Abdullah Al-Halafi

TBC, Saudi Aramco

Abdullah Al-Halafi holds Ph.D. (KAUST, Electrical Engineering, 2018), M.Sc. (University of Glasgow, Electronics, 2006), and B.Sc. (KFUPM, Elect. Eng., 2003). He is PMP certified, managed various large-scale communications and control systems projects at SABIC, ABB, and Saudi Aramco. He is currently with Saudi Aramco, Process & Control Systems Department, Process Automation Systems, Plants Network. In 2018, he had a one-year assignment with Saudi Aramco R&D Center at KAUST, Oil and Gas Network Integrity, Advanced Sensors. He published several IEEE top-tier conference (INFOCOM-ws) and journals (Access, Photonics, JOCN). He is an active reviewer for leading IEEE journals (JLT, ACCESS, Transactions on Wireless Communications, Transactions on Mobile Computing). His research interests include Communication Systems, Underwater Wireless Optical Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT), Energy Efficient Networks, and Communication Networks Queuing Systems

Fouad AL-Khabbaz

Eng. Consultant, Saudi Aramco

Fouad Alkhabbaz, Engineering Consultant, Saudi Aramco, Industrial Computing & Industrial Networking Cyber Security

Dr. Hassan Zuhair Al-Garni

Chairman Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering Technology Department, Jubail Industrial College (JIC)

Hassan Z. Al Garni is a Chairman of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology department at Jubail Industrial College. He obtained his Ph.D. and Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Concordia University in Canada in 2018 and 2013 respectively. He published several research articles and conference proceedings. His employment experience includes working as specialist in Instrumentation and Control at SABIC. -SHARQ for five years, and teaching at Jubail Industrial College since 2008. He established an International Society of Automation (ISA) student section at Jubail Industrial. -College in 2009. He was awarded the Concordia Accelerator Award (2018), Concordia University Conference and Exposition Award (2017-2018) and IEEE-SMC.

Humod Al Humod

Senior Manager, SABIC - Kayan

More than 18 years in field of control systems & instrumentation and electrical, for maintenance, basic and detail engineering, construction activity, pre-commissioning activity, and commissioning & start-up activity in power plants and petrochemicals plants. Developed strong professional skills and deep knowledge in fields control system, instrumentation, process safety, cyber security,digital transformation, electrical systems, mechanical maintenance. Has skills on business development & work process improvement, strategic planning,people management, seeks the challenges tasks, has the ability to work under stress, owning big picture to drives company missions and objectives.

Khalid Zahrani

Decision Support Systems Unit, Saudi Aramco

Khalid Al-Zahrani has been working with Saudi Aramco for the last 18 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University (USA) and Master’s degree in Systems Engineering with specialty in Automation & Control, from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minirals (KFUPM - Saudi Arabia). Since joining Saudi Aramco, Khalid has worked in different organizations varying from Operation and Engineering functions and started as an Engineer and later on has been appoint to deferent leadership positions. Currently, He is covering for a leadership position with Process & Control Systems Department under Advanced Process Solutions Division handling the Digital Transformation Program, which addresses the fourth industrial revolution technologies in Saudi Aramco.

Dr. Mohammed A. Al Saeed

Network & Systems Specialist, Saudi Aramco

Dr. Mohammed Al-Saeed obtained the bachelor degree in Computer Science in Information Systems from King Saud University in 1995. He obtained two advanced degrees: Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Hull University in 2004 and Doctor of Business Administration from University of Phoenix in 2012. He obtained 11 technical certifications such as Cisco Certified Design Professional, Certified Wireless Security Professional, and Certified Wireless Network Associate. He has more than 24 years’ experience in networking and systems engineering specialty. He joined SABIC in 1995, then Saudi Arabian Texaco Inc. (or Chevron today) in Kuwait for 6 years working as a network specialist. During this time, he worked for IBM and Texaco Inc. in Houston. Then, he joined Saudi Aramco/Process and Control Systems Dept. in 2001. Since the past 18 years in Saudi Aramco, he had several technical and leadership assignments such as the chairman of Plants Networks Standards Committee and an internship with Juniper Networks Inc. in Silicon Valley, CA. He published several technical papers in peer reviewed magazines and conferences. He is a committee member in ISA in two subcommittees ISA-99 for Industrial Cybersecurity and ISA-100 for Industrial Wireless

Mohammed Sayed Zaki

Process Control Engineer, Saudi Aramco Total Refining & Petrochemical Company - SATORP

Mohammed Sayed is A Process Control System Engineer at SATORP. Where working as IACS admin, IACS network admin and Cyber-Security Specialist. Mohammed Sayed is part of the team who restructure SATORP IACS design, build scope of work to introduce all required IACS Cyber-Security countermeasures and develop SATORP Modernization plan. Mohammed Sayed has +10 as DCS system Engineer, Network certified and ISA99/IEC-62443 certified.

Muhammed Irfan

Senior Lecturer, ICET; Certified ISA Trainer, Jubail Industrial College (JIC)

Graduated in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Communication in the year 1992 from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Arizona State University, one of the reputed schools in USA. He has more than 25 years’ experience of working both in Petrochemical Industry and in teaching at various universities/colleges around the globe. Currently he is working as a faculty member in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology department at JIC as Senior Lecturer. He is also Certified International Society of Automation [ISA] Trainer. His areas of interest include Industrial control, Instrumentation, Academia-Industry collaborations.

Rizwan Ahmed Mirza

Sr. Computer Engineer, Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)

Master of Computer Science from Pakistan. 30 years of Experience in field of Process Control & Automation System (ICS) , Retrofit & EPC Project Scope Designing and Project Management, Industrial & Commercial Computer Application Software and Hardware, Process Control Communication Networks, Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber Security, Smart Field Instrumentation, ICS Software Interface Designing, Process Information Management System (PIM) and PI system Implementation and Management, Commercial Software Designing

Ir. Shakeel Ahmad

Projects Business Development Manager, Technical Support Industrial Services Co

Worked within KSA and across GCC countries by introducing new technology concepts that can effectively eliminate the cost burdens and efficiently runs the plant process and ensures the operational safety standards. One of the new concept was introduced. Scale Solution say no to chemicals for Sea Water Cooled Heat Exchangers, Sea Water, Desalination (MED, MSF, RO). Electronic Magnetic Induction Technology. Al-Ghazlan Power Plant, is one of the successful projects that replaces the Chemicals (anti scaling Chemicals) and mechanical process used to remove the scales from the process lines. Saudi Aramco, (QSWP) Qurrayah Sea Water Plant for reverse Osmosis, chemical not being used with the intervention of this technology. Awarded by the principal for Introducing and selling the first Electro Magnetic Introduction Technology of its kind in the Middle East. Introduced the first Multiplexer System technique at SAHARA Petrochemical Plant Jubail from GM International Itlay, Technology for Safety. When a consistent quantity of variables must be made available to a distant location. With Multiplexer system data is sent through a single communication line to the remote monitoring area. Intrinsically Safe Systems. Developed the central calibration workshop project from concept till implementation first of its kind with SWCC and successfully implemented the state of art technology of Time Electronics Ltd International Co. that designs and manufactures precision test instruments and high performance calibration equipment. Worked on Hiway Life Extension Program with AZBIL Yamatake at Yanpet project. Protecting existing investments, avoiding obsolescence, increasing system reliability, and removing the time pressure of having to make decisions relative to DCS platform migration. Successfully participated in SABIC process reliability campaigns. Secured regional demonstration award for KSA by one of the leading technology company in the world XEROX USA for introducing the digital platform in printing technologies and sustaining the business revenue growth across KSA.

Shawqi M. Al-Marzouq

Lecturer, Jubail Industrial College (JIC)

Shawqi Almarzouq is a Senior Lecturer at the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu. He has been teaching, evaluating and assessing students; managing the classrooms and labs effectively as well as providing a role model in terms of attitude and conduct